Successful Application

Successful applicants will be paid approximately eight weeks after the funding application deadline. Release of funds is dependent on all Funding Agreement paperwork being submitted on time and with the required detail and supporting documents. You can find the expected payment date for each round below:

  • Round 1: 31st May
  • Round 2: 30th August
  • Round 3: 29th November

If you are successful in your application, we will send you a Funding Agreement to complete and sign that confirms the funding offer. Once you complete and return the Agreement to us, you will receive a second email asking you to verify your signature. Please ensure that this is completed and check any junk and spam folders in case your confirmation has gone into one of these. 

It is important that the bank account name you type into your Funding Agreement is worded and spelt exactly the same as your bank statement and paying in slip, so please take special care completing the Agreement.  

If you are having difficulties with your Funding Agreement, please contact the trust helpdesk at or phone 0131 322 9390.

Payments are made by bank transfer to the UK bank account in the name of the applicant organisation.

For more information on acknowledging an award from Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, please see our Communications Toolkit available here.

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust understands that circumstances may arise which could impact the deadline. If you require an extension on your deadline, please contact us via email at

If you are in receipt of Project Funding, and you wish to make changes to what you originally were awarded funding to do, please contact Postcode Neighbourhood Trust for approval at  

If you have received unrestricted funding, you do not need to contact us if you are changing the use of funds. As stated in your Funding Agreement, you are not able to use unrestricted funds for any of the activities mentioned in our ‘we do not fund’ list. 

An organisation that has received funding from us may apply for funding again 12 months from the date their last award was paid into their bank account. This requires they meet the eligibility criteria for when they reapply, and they have returned their Funding Review form at the end of their previous funding period.

We appreciate the invitation to your event. Due to the size of our staff team we are not able to accept all invitations but please let us know and we will see if a Trust representative can come along.